All surgical candidates/Patients must be aware of the following policies regarding procedures, charges, cancellations, and rescheduling of surgical procedures and services.

  • If your surgical procedure is permanently cancelled. for any reason or at any time, a $750 cancellation fee will apply.
  • If you have purchased a treatment package and decide to cancel prior to receiving any of the individual treatments, a full refund will be issued, if you decide to cancel after receiving any of the individual treatments, then the individual sessions received will be charged at the regular price. instead of the discounted package price, and you will be entitled to a refund for the unused funds if any.
  • If you purchase post-surgery garments, products, or accessories, said orders are final upon receipt and cannot be cancelled or any refunds given.
  • Patient understands that prior to undergoing the surgical procedure purchased, the Doctor based on his/her evaluation of the Patient may require additional testing, examination, procedures, machinery, or evaluations which may include but shall not be limited to; cell saver equipment, additional drug testing, biopsy. Patient understands that any such requirement is at the sole discretion of the Doctor over which the Surgical Center has no control, and which may bear an additional cost to the Patient. Patient acknowledges and understands that said additional cost if any is a requirement to undergo the surgery, is the responsibility of the Patient and shall be paid prior to the scheduled Surgery.
  • Upon cancellation of a procedure or treatment, if Patient wishes to receive a refund and one is: due to patient, it shall be requested by filling out the Refund Request Form. The Refund Request Form can be found on the Patient's portal and can only be processed through You can find information about the refund process on our website or can request help by contacting our Refund Department at and/or by calling: (786) 461-1091. Upon receipt of the completed Refund Request Form from the Patient's portal, the refund will be processed, and the Patient will receive his/her refund within 21 days. No refund will be processed until a completed Refund Request Form is submitted via the portal and the Patient will be able to track the status of his/her refund through their secure portal
  • Refunds will be completed in the same method that initial payment was made. lf payment is made using a credit card. then Refund must go back to the same card used for payment. If at the time of the refund, Patient does not have the credit card used to make the payment then upon verification of identity, an alternative method shall be used to complete the refund. However, in any such event, Patient acknowledges and understands that the refund process may take longer up to30-60 days.