Miami Sleeve Center offers a comprehensive medical approach to significant weight loss. Our surgeon, Dr. Scott Moradian, has advanced training in state-of-the-art laparoscopic techniques, and he is supported by a team of medical professionals with specialized skills and comprehensive preoperative and postoperative experience.

For many patients, the only way to treat obesity is through surgical intervention and a powerful support network. We believe that obesity should be treated with a dedicated, compassionate, and thorough medical approach. The team of Miami Sleeve Center takes pride in finding the best solutions for you. We want you to leave our center empowered and encouraged to make permanent lifestyle changes that will improve not only your health but also your self-esteem and relationship with others.

Our Mission

We seek to improve the lives of individuals in our community, struggling to lose weight. By using our expertise and resources with the most current and effective medical technologies, we want all our patients to receive the most compassionate and caring treatment possible.

Our values

The employees and medical professionals of Miami Sleeve Center support our mission through core values. We promote and embrace these values from the moment you walk into our surgical center to treatment and recovery.

First, we value service and are committed to offering compassionate support to individuals in need of our specialized care. Secondly, we value excellence and believe every human being should be respected and considered worthy of special attention throughout his or her weight loss journey. Thirdly, we value knowledge and believe our employees have the skills required to meet the individual needs of every patient. We believe that informed decision making is essential to the success of our practice.

Lastly, we value community and diversity. We are committed to our patients and their loved ones, notwithstanding their background. We celebrate our patients’ victories and are entirely devoted to helping them reach their weight loss goals through the safest and highest quality of patient care and positive feedback.

Get started

If you’re striving for a healthy lifestyle, we want to help you. With Dr. Scott Moradian and our dedicated team, a healthier and more youthful you isn’t just a dream but a guarantee. Gastric sleeve surgery may be the perfect option to fit your needs, no matter where you are in your weight loss journey. Contact Miami Sleeve Center and get started today.